Why get into 2019 Prizm Football? Leave a comment!

Why get into 2019 Prizm Football? Leave a comment!





Hey guys! Prizm Football is in!!!! This is a huuuuuge hot release, read below and find out why! As you can see, the eBay resale value is already on fire, but the product itself is just.. nasty .. as we say!

Product Details

One of the top NFL sets each year, 2019 Panini Prizm Football sticks with the familiar mixture of thick borders, colorful parallels and vivid inserts.

As was the case in 2018, each Hobby box averages three autographs. 

2019 Panini Prizm Football Base / Parallels

Built around a 300-card base lineup, the 2019 Panini Prizm Football checklist offers veterans, legends and rookies. These RCs total 100 subjects and average two per pack.

Parallels include Hobby-exclusives like Blue Ice (#/99) and Green Scope (#/75). In addition to nine serial numbered parallels, collectors can expect one Silver per Hobby box.

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 3

2019 Prizm Football Base/Rookie Hobby Parallels Breakdown

  • Silver - 1 per box
  • Orange - #/249
  • Blue Wave - #/199
  • Hyper - #/175
  • Red Wave - #/149
  • Blue Ice - #/99
  • Green Scope - #/75
  • Purple Power - #/49
  • Camo - #/25
  • Gold - #/10
  • Gold Vinyl - #/5
  • Black Finite - 1/1

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 4


2019 Panini Prizm Football Inserts

While inserts average 1:3 packs overall, 2019 Panini Prizm Football works in several short prints, as well. This consists of Aurora, Breakthrough, Class Acts, Color Blast, and Illumination.

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 5

The group of five SP inserts combines to average one per case. Color Blast is the toughest of the bunch at 1:10 cases.

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 6

2019 Panini Prizm Football Autographs / Relics

Given there are three autographs per box, 2019 Panini Prizm Football has several choices and a deep parallel rainbow.

At around one per case, Rookie Patch Autograph cards provide a key chase. Numbered to 99 or less, they add Purple Power (#/49 or less), Gold (#/10) and Black Finite (1/1) Prizm parallels.

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 7

More signed pulls can be found in the Rookie Autographs line with multiple tiers of Prizm parallels numbered to 149 or less.

2019 Prizm Football Rookie Autograph Hobby Parallels

  • Red Wave - #/149 or less
  • Green Scope - #/75 or less
  • Purple Power - #/49 or less
  • Camo - #/25 or less
  • Gold - #/10 or less
  • Gold Vinyl - #/5
  • Black Finite - 1/1

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 8


In addition, debuting autograph sets include Flashback Autographs, Franchise Legends Signatures and Sensational Signatures.

2019 Panini Prizm Football Cards 9

Estimated Release Date: October 25, 2019
Product Configuration
: 12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2019 Panini Prizm Football Hobby Box Break Average

  • 3 Autographs
  • 9 #'d Prizms
  • 1 Silver Parallel
  • 24 Rookies
  • 4 Inserts

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  • Gary Pritt
    Gary Pritt

    Love the cards but have a hard time understanding how I am buying all these boxes and opening packs with cards that have all these bent corners. Can anyone explain this? Very disappointed that the values avg approx $0.60/card.

  • Joey

    I love the feel of Prizm cards.. nice thick card stock, and they look great.. The Gold #/10 always seem to steal my heart! Love this product no matter the sport!

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