We now offer the following services with different packages:


You focus on selling your card, we do the rest! We photo, store, and ship your card or cards!

  • Instant photo of your card as its pulled in the break for your reselling purposes and emailed to you.
  • Free toploader and sleeve sized for your card.
  • High Quality scan of your card (if your card has not sold in 3 days, we will provide you this to update your listing in order to enhance the chance of your sale)
  • Storage of your card in a safe
  • Direct ship to your customer after you have sold the card (you pay shipping cost).
  • Card will be shipped in a toploader, wrapped in plastic wrap, in a bubble mailer, shipped within 24 hours of you notifying us that the card is sold.


We do it all! You focus on breaking, and we sell, store, ship, and then pay you.

  • FBB will photo your card and list on our ebay store.
  • FBB will store your card in our safe
  • FBB will sell your card
  • FBB will Direct Ship to your customer WITH TRACKING after having received funds, card toploaded and wrapped in plastic wrap and then shipped in a bubble mailer.
  • FBB will ship within 24 hours of your card selling (unless card sells on a Saturday, will be shipped first thing Monday)
  • FBB will then pay you what is owed
  • Card must be valued at $50 or higher for Full Service Package.
  • Please email fbbbreakhelp@gmail.com with "FULL SERVICE" in the title for price quote!


Have you ever agreed on a trade with someone and shipped their item out, only to find out they never shipped it to you? With FBB Trade Station this wont happen to you.

  •  Agree to a trade with someone
  • Both parties ship the items to FBB
  • FBB holds items until all items have been received
  • FBB ships traded items to new owners


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