• FriendlyBoxBreaks Eliminator Challenge ($20 buy in/$100 prize)


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    Unlimited Entrants.


    $20 buy in

    Prize: $100 via paypal


    "You play to win the game." In the case of Eliminator Challenge, you play to pick the winner of one NFL game each week straight up. You don't have to worry about a point spread here. If you can successfully pick a winning team for all 17 weeks of the season, you're in good shape to win the grand prize.

    Ah, but there's a catch. Once you pick a team, you can't use that team the rest of the season. So you'll have to make your decisions wisely and strategically. Do you pick one of the Super Bowl favorites right away or hold on to them as long as possible? Do you want to take a chance on a potential cellar dweller in a potentially favorable matchup? Remember, you're out of the running for the grand prize once you lose a game.

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