Own a team for the week, if the team that you own wins on Sunday by the largest margin of victory, then you are that weeks winner! (Sunday games only, and yes you can own more than one team)


How the heck do you own a team you ask? By pulling the most autographs for that team that week (only from boxes that you see below qualify, instant pack rips do not qualify), you'll be declared the team owner! (Keep in mind, this is only for the teams and games on Sundays)

We are keeping stats, you do not need to do anything to enter the contest, if you pull an autograph, you will already be entered, keep checking this page daily to see leader updates. If any team go unowned, they will be owned by the house, ties go to random, prize pool does not carry over to the following week.

For example: If Vinnie pulls 15 Giants autographs this week and Pauly D pulls 14 Giants autographs this week, then Vinnie will own the Giants for this week. (Yes we are totally using Jersey Shore references). If you pull an autograph, you will see your name beside the team below. Pull more and more autographs from that team to become the team owner for a week! Relics dont count, autographs only! Multi signed cards of the same team count for each autograph. BigHitIsland.com football cards, Jerseys, and Memorabilia are included as well.


Week 6 autograph collection period: 10/13 Sunday breaks - close of FBB breaks on 10/19.   

Week 8 NFL Promo WINNERS 


Arizona Cardinals - Joey Confer
Atlanta Falcons - FBB
Buffalo Bills - Arturo V
Carolina Panthers - Yianni Koulianos
Chicago Bears - FBB
Cincinnati Bengals - Duane Sherman
Cleveland Browns - Duane Sherman
Denver Broncos - FBB
Detroit Lions - FBB
Green Bay Packers - Jeffrey Bender
Houston Texans - FBB
Indianapolis Colts - Douglas Mcmullen
Jacksonville Jaguars - Jeff Bender
Kansas City Chiefs - Matt Wood
LA/San Diego Chargers - FBB
LA/St. Louis Rams - FBB
New England Patriots - Arturo V
New Orleans Saints - FBB
New York Giants - FBB
New York Jets - FBB
Oakland Raiders - Cynthia O
Philadelphia Eagles - Chad Silva
San Francisco 49ers - Isaac Segal
Seattle Seahawks - Corey Tutt
Tampa Bay Bucaneers - Arturo V
Tennessee Titans - Kyle Davis  



FBB NFL Weekly Promo

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