• Comic Book: House of Secrets #92 CGC graded 7.0 ID HOS92101

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    You are purchasing a pack of 

    The Walking Dead Season 4: Part 1 Hobby Box (The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 1 Trading Cards features a 72-Card Base Set, (3) Chase Sets and randomly inserted Autograph Prop, Wardrobe & Hand Drawn Sketch Cards. AMC's The Walking Dead is the #1 show on TV among adults 18-49 for the last three years!) 

    The pack isnt worth alot, there is a possible chance for an autograph or wardrobe piece, but buying a pack makes this a legal giveaway and not a raffle! The real prize is below!!!


    After 10 packs are sold out, we will use random.org to determine who gets the HOUSE OF SECRETS # 92 CGC GRADED 7.0 comic book!!

    $149.99 per pack

    10 packs

    Good luck to everyone, and congrats to the winner of this epic book! P. S. if you are not around to watch this happen live, we record all of our videos for our YouTube channel as seen here. You don't have to be there watching live to win, but we hope to see you in the chat room here ! We broadcast daily from 3pm - 3 am est!


    Beautiful book graded 7.0, this book is on the top 100 comic books to buy now as referenced here

    Why House of Secrets #92 is a Hot Comic


    If you invested in House of Secrets #92 anytime in the past couple of years, then you're sitting MUCH prettier than the Swamp Thing itself.

    We simply don't see this book anywhere near as often as other Bronze Age key issues.

    The dark cover is really tough to find in higher grade, with only two CGC 9.8s in the census (and 20 9.6s), competition for the top grades when they come to market is fierce.

    • CGC 9.6 $11,000
    • CGC 9.4 $7,600
    • CGC 9.2 $3,100
    • CGC 9.0 $2,500
    • CGC 8.5 $1,300
    • CGC 8.0 $1,650 (!!)
    • CGC 6.0 $950
    • CGC 4.0 $500

    Prices are very strong, and we continue to see upside in this book's future.


    There is no special reason for this book to be hotter this year, but it's a notoriously tough book that's under-valued in high grade. Its dark cover makes it almost impossible to find in grades of 9.0 or above.

    Wrightson is only second to Neal Adams in popularity of 1970s artwork.

    • CGC 9.4 $4,400
    • CGC 9.2 $3,400
    • CGC 8.5 $1,600
    • CGC 8.0 $1,000
    • CGC 6.0 $600
    • CGC 4.0 $375

    Bernie Wrightson is a hot comic book artist at the moment, and Swamp Thing is without doubt his finest hour.

    Swamp Thing TV and Movie rumors are rife. Along with HoS92, there are two other Swamp Thing books on the Hot 100 list:

    Swamp Thing #1 (classic cover by Wrightson, tough in high grade)

    Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (1st John Constantine)

    House of Secrets #92 is among the most expensive 1970s comic books, especially in high grade. The dark purple cover featuring the classic "woman realizing she's not alone" image is awfully prone to wear and creasing.

    Stick to VF+ or better. If you can't afford such a nice copy, wait until you can. Lower-grade examples are common, and make poor investments in our opinion.

  • Comic Book: House of Secrets #92 CGC graded 7.0 ID HOS92101
  • Comic Book: House of Secrets #92 CGC graded 7.0 ID HOS92101
  • Comic Book: House of Secrets #92 CGC graded 7.0 ID HOS92101
  • Comic Book: House of Secrets #92 CGC graded 7.0 ID HOS92101

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