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    In this break you want the ORIOLES.

    In this particular break, whoever gets the ORIOLES base card will also receive the iconic 1989 Bill Ripken error F@ck Face PSA 10.

    eBay live box breaks is the evolution of box breaks! We are purchasing the best eBay items during the box break to ship to you as soon as the break is over! 

    Reverse Box Break! Know whats in the box before it opens!

    How it works:

    1) These are random teams box breaks: We start with a real box full of 30 base cards that represent every team. Everyone is purchasing a random base card. One lucky person will also win the live ebay item associated with the team that they own in the box break!

    Card you get will be a the iconic 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken F Face card PSA 10, not necessarily the one shown in the pic, but either that one or an exact match.


    Fleer inadvertently created one of the most famous baseball cards of all-time in 1989. While youngsters were breaking wax to possibly obtain the two-time minor league player of the year, Gregg Jefferies or the future hall of famer, Ken Griffey, Jr., it turned out there was a much more profound prize to be found in 1989 Fleer baseball packs-Bill Ripken. Before correcting the card, "fuck face" was shockingly visible on the knob of Bill's bat and was predominately displayed on Bill's baseball card. 

    This caused hysteria in the baseball card community due to the obscene message on the bottom of Bill's bat. There were numerous rumors on how this occurred including a scenario where Fleer wrote it on the card deliberately to increase sales. Another rumor was that Bill's famous brother, Cal Ripken wrote it on Bill's bat to embarrass his brother. In reality, it was Bill himself who wrote the message on the bottom of the bat as a practical joke. Fleer didn't catch the prank, produced the card, and birthed one of the most famous error cards of all-time! 

    To save face, Fleer halted production of the "FF" card and came out with numerous corrected versions including a black box version of the obscenity, a whiteout, white scribble, black scribble, and a very peculiar "saw cut" version. The saw cuts also featured whiteout and blackout variations. Some collectors claim there are 8-10 total variations of this wacky card!  However, none of the variations are near as fun as the original card! 


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