• Sneaker Jackpot: Jordan Retro 6 Gatorade Green size 9-11 for NBA GAMES JANUARY 21 ID JAN20GAME102

    Friendly Box Breaks

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    20 spots left.
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  • Description

    Now you can use your brain and skill to win your favorite kicks!!!


    Winner chooses which shoe size they want, as long as its between sizes 9-11. This particular games prize is a pair of Deadstock Jordan Retro 6 Gatorade Green size 9-11

    Rules on how to win the kicks:

    1) Each Sneaker Jackpot game is limited to 20 players. You will ONLY be competing against 19 other players! If all 20 spots are not full, the game will be ruled invalid and your entry fee will be refunded immediately.

    2) Each participant must register for free at fanduel following this link: https://www.fanduel.com/?invitedby=jpaq74&cnl=da

    3) After you have registered a free account on fanduel and created a free user name, join this particular Sneaker Jackpot game at the following link: (GAME LINK WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY)

    4) The person with the highest scoring team wins the Sneaker Jackpot!

    5) If there is a tie between 2 or more people, the tie will be settled by using random.org live on facebook.

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