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 finsfan757 - friendly box breaks ebay site

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Below are the ebay auctions and "buy it nows' from my customers that I support. This is here to serve your needs as a collector. Below you will find sales and auctions that will take you to various singles that are for sale. If you'd like your ebay featured here, just send me an email, there is no charge.

centexsports - selling various singles from all sports and non sports categories

bsiek - singles, hits, and rookies!

vasportscards540 - baseball, football, basketball cards!


melanieisagrandma - singles and autos


dustinv765- singles, autos, rookies


funky85joe - sports cards

waxbreakers - sports cards

silberio1963 - sports cards

lexvan - sports and non sports cards

Jesse - singles, rookies, autos