Stay tuned for our next TV giveaway!

TV giveaways will be randomly announced in the chat room! Be there to know when you can instantly win a TV!


Winner list below:

How to win this 2015 Samsung 40" 1080p Smart LED TV!

1) come over right now to our chat room and live show:

2) Be the FIRST person to pull a card stamp numbered "41" out of something, on the back (yes we chose a random number). Number must be stamped like this  . Card cannot be numbered to 41, must be 41 out of another number. For example, 41/100, 41/500, 41/1000 etc. Card must be pulled from one of our breaks live on camera, not from a sealed box or pack that you bought from us and then opened at home :). Only cards quality for this contest, not memorabilia items like framed pieces, helmets, jerseys, bats, mini bats, mini helmets, etc.

Contest could last one day, or could even last 2 weeks, but as soon as one person wins, the contest is over, and a new contest will begin!





1) Jeffrey G from NV wins the first tv (with the number 38)

2) Bradd S (9erfaithful) wins the 2nd tv with the number 39)

3) Jeffrey J wins the 3rd tv with the number 41 !