July World Series


Introducing the FBB World Series!!

Starting today, July 1, 2015.


World Series champion: Your choice of Xbox one and EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour OR a Playstation 4 with MLB the show!

World Series runner up: 1 box of 2013 Exquisite Football!

3rd place: $150 FBB gift card

4th place: all remaining entries will be random'd to determine a 4th place to win a box of SUPER BREAK INSANE INK.


The July World Series will run from 2pm est July 1, 2015 - 11:59 pm est, July 31, 2015 ! Contest will re-set for August.

How to play:

Pull any card numbered to 100 or less and this will count as a single. Must pull 4 cards numbered to 100 or less throughout the course of July to score a run (4 singles = 1 run) . The person with the most runs at the end of the month will win the World Series. The person with the 2nd most runs will be the world series runner up, etc. Singles and Runs will accumulate daily and you can check your status right here. Stats updated daily!


Its easy, Its fun, jump in and score a run!!


PLEASE NOTE: you must score at least 1 run (4 cards numbered to 100 or less) to qualify.


Players/Runs scored/Runner in scoring position:

last updated: (8pm on 7/30/15)