Shipping Info


Our breaking and shipping process consists of the following:

1) Box/Case is sold

2) After the box/case is sold, the box/case is qued for the sorting process. (The sorting process is where our sort team opens the box and sorts the cards into team piles and then to the proper owners of those teams. The hits and numbered cards are toploaded and the base cards are team bagged). This process happens for a large volume of boxes per day.

3) After the sort process is complete, the cards are filtered into protective bins and qued for shipping into the proper team owners bins.

4) Cards are all shipped.


We wanted to include you in on the process and provide a more transparent shipping system in order to enhance your experience, inform you on specifically when to expect specific cards from specific breaks, and, most of all, to provide faster shipping times for you.

You can check this tab regularly to see when your breaks have reached the sorting and shipping process, and to see when this process is completed.