• 2017 Leaf Originals of Wrestling ($6.99 per 2 wrestlers, 21 total spots, 42 checklist wrestlers) ID LEAFWREST107

    Friendly Box Breaks

  • $6.99

    21 spots left.
  • Description

    Configuration: 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

    Leaf is pleased to announce the return of one of the market's absolute favorite wrestling releases, 2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling. Leaf Originals Wrestling celebrates the legendary names that defined wrestling over the last half decade. Featuring ALL ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS, Originals Wrestling once again delivers in 2017 with as strong a selection of names as ever.


    Look For Alternate Art Versions Of The Cards As Limited As 1/1!!!!

    Look For Multiple Parallel Levels As Limited As 1/1!!!

    Look For Rare Cards Redeemable For The Original Artwork Used To Make The Set!!!!

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