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    AWESOME SET BUILDER PRODUCT, funnest , wackiest product from TOPPS! ALL CARDS SHIP so you can build your sets!

    NO I, Q, U, X, Z (these will be random'd if pulled)

    This is a first name letter break. For example, AARON JUDGE goes to the letter A. All non sport and wacky, crazy cards will go to the first letter, for example: Framed Fossils and Gems will go to the first letter, for example, CRYSTAL goes to letter C, SHARK TOOTH is S. (this is very easy). 

    The word "THE" is eliminated in first name letter breaks. For example, the card THE GREAT WHARF would go to letter G. The Atomium would go to letter A, The Prince would go to letter P, etc.


    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

    - RIP CARD #RIP-26 #'D TO 60

    Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball, the award winning, reimagined brand from 1887, returns this year celebrating the best of the best baseball stars and world champions!

    2017 Allen & Ginter delivers 3 hits in every box, highlighting autographs, relics, originals, book cards, cut signatures, rare parallels, stealth inserts, RIP cards and much more!



    Base Cards (300 subjects) 
    - Featuring current MLB superstars, retired legends and remarkable rookies, as well as non-baseball world champions.

    Short-Printed Base Cards (50 subjects) 
    - Card Numbers 301-350. Inserted 1:2 Packs


    Hot Box Parallel 
    - Only found in Ginter hot boxes.

    Glossy Parallel 
    - Printed on glossy stock. Numbered 1 of 1.

    MINI PARALLEL CARDS 1 per pack
    - Allen & Ginter - 1:5 Packs.
    - Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered - 1:10 Packs.
    - Allen & Ginter No Number - Limited.
    - Allen & Ginter Brooklyn Back - Numbered to 25.


    Allen & Ginter Relics 
    - Up to 120 subjects showcased in 1 of 2 different designs! Subjects will highlight MLB players, athletes, personalities and champions.

    Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Relics 
    - Up to 50 MLB players to collect.

    Allen & Ginter Framed Gems & Ancient Fossils 
    - Up to 20 different variations. HOBBY ONLY.

    Allen & Ginter Framed Fictional Figures Relics 
    - Up to 10 different characters.

    Allen & Ginter Autographed Relic Book Cards 
    - Up to 45 book cards highlighting MLB players and select champion subjects. Each book includes a jumbo relic piece and an autograph. Numbered to 10 or less.

    Allen & Ginter Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards 
    - Up to 15 books highlighting 2 subjects with a jumbo relic and autograph each numbered to 10 or less.

    Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Autograph Cards 
    - Up to 100 subjects to collect, each with an on-card autograph! Subjects will include MLB players, past and present, plus athletes, personalities and world champions!
    - Black Frame Parallel - Numbered to 25.
    - Red Ink Parallel - Signed in red ink. HOBBY ONLY.

    Allen & Ginter Framed Originals 
    - Up to 100 original Allen & Ginter cards. Numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY.

    Cut Signatures 
    - Up to 20 political and historical figures. Numbered 1 of 1.


    Allen & Ginter RIP Cards 
    - Highlighting the most collectible baseball players of the past, present and future on 'Rip Card' technology!

    Allen & Ginter Double RIP Cards 
    - Highlighting the most collectible baseball players of the past, present and future on 'Double Rip Card' technology!

    Exclusive Rip Card content includes:
    - Allen & Ginter Artist Original Cards - Actual paintings Numbered 1 of 1.
    - Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusive Cards - Featuring card numbers 351 - 400.
    - Allen & Ginter Mini Metal Exclusive Cards - Numbered to 3.
    - Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusive Cards - Numbered 1 of 1.

    INSERT CARDS - 1:2 packs

    What a Day! (100 subjects) 
    - Highlighting the single greatest performances from rookie, veteran and retired baseball players.

    World's Fair (20 subjects) 
    - Featuring inventions and structures unveiled at the World's Fair.

    Sport Fish & Fishing Lures (20 subjects) 
    - Featuring fish & tackle people use during the sport of fishing.

    Revolutionary Battles (10 subjects) 
    - Highlighting battles that shaped the outcome of the American Revolution.

    MINI INSERT CARDS - 1:5 packs

    World's Dudes (40 subjects)
    - Highlighting "dudes" from around the globe

    Bust a Move! (25 subjects)
    - These cards will break down the steps for the most popular dances.

    Required Reading (10 subjects) 
    - Featuring popular books that are well known as high school required reading.

    Magicians & Illusionists (10 subjects) 
    - Featuring pre-modern magicians and illusionists.

    Constellations (10 subjects) 
    - Showcasing prominent star groupings in the sky

    BOXLOADERS - Hobby Only

    Allen & Ginter Boxloader (10 subjects) 
    - Highlighting the most collectible baseball players.

    Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autograph 
    - Up to 20 subjects featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15.

    Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autographed Relic 
    - Up to 15 subjects featuring a relic and on-card autograph. Numbered to 5.

    Allen & Ginter Boxloader Cut Signature 
    - Up to 10 of the most collectible players from the past.

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