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    FIRST NAME LETTER as it appears on the checklist below, for example, Ember Moon goes to E. 


    Base Memorable Matches and Moments Set Checklist cards go to the match winner


    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.


    The first-ever Topps card series dedicated solely to WWE’s female Superstars returns with new Rookies, Prospects, Autograph signers and more!


    Autographs Set Checklist

    35 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/150, Purple #/99, Bronze #/75, Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Black #/5, Red 1/1.


    A-AB Alexa Bliss - RAW
    A-BE Bayley - SmackDown
    A-BK Billie Kay - SmackDown
    A-BL Becky Lynch - SmackDown
    A-BP Beth Phoenix - WWE Legend
    A-BZ Shayna Baszler - NXT
    A-CG Chelsea Green - NXT
    A-CL Candice LeRae - NXT
    A-CM Carmella - SmackDown
    A-DB Dana Brooke - RAW
    A-DK Dakota Kai - NXT
    A-DP Deonna Purrazzo - NXT
    A-EM Ember Moon - SmackDown
    A-EST Bianca Belair - NXT
    A-IS Io Shirai - NXT
    A-JD Jessamyn Duke - NXT
    A-JE Jessie Kamea - NXT
    A-KC Kacy Catanzaro - NXT
    A-LE Lacey Evans - RAW
    A-LT Lita - WWE Legend
    A-MR Mandy Rose - SmackDown
    A-MS Marina Shafir - NXT
    A-MY Mia Yim - NXT
    A-NC Nikki Cross - RAW
    A-NT Natalya - RAW
    A-PR Peyton Royce - SmackDown
    A-RB Ruby Riott - RAW
    A-RR Ronda Rousey - RAW
    A-RY Renee Young - RAW
    A-SD Sonya Deville - SmackDown
    A-SF Trish Stratus - WWE Legend
    A-SM Stephanie McMahon - WWE
    A-TC Taynara Conti - NXT
    A-TM Tamina - RAW
    A-VB Vanessa Borne - NXT



    Dual Autographs Set Checklist

    3 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/10, Black #/5, Red 1/1.


    DA-BC Alexa Bliss
    DA-BC Nikki Cross
    DA-DD Beth Phoenix
    DA-DD Natalya
    DA-II Billie Kay
    DA-II Peyton Royce



    Triple Autographs Set Checklist

    1 card.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Black #/5, Red 1/1.


    TA-4H Marina Shafir
    TA-4H Jessamyn Duke
    TA-4H Shayna Baszler



    2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division Relic / Auto Relic Checklist


    Mat Relics Set Checklist

    40 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/150, Purple #/99, Bronze #/75, Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Black #/5, Red 1/1.


    MR-AB Alexa Bliss - Evolution
    MR-AF Alicia Fox - Evolution
    MR-AK Asuka - Evolution
    MR-AS Asuka - TLC 2018
    MR-BE Becky Lynch - TLC 2018
    MR-BK Billie Kay - Evolution
    MR-BL Becky Lynch - Evolution
    MR-BP Beth Phoenix - Evolution
    MR-BY Bayley - Evolution
    MR-CA Carmella - TLC 2018
    MR-CH Charlotte Flair - TLC 2018
    MR-CM Carmella - Evolution
    MR-EM Ember Moon - Evolution
    MR-IS Io Shirai - Evolution
    MR-JJ JoJo - Evolution
    MR-KS Kairi Sane - Evolution
    MR-LI Liv Morgan - TLC 2018
    MR-LM Liv Morgan - Evolution
    MR-LT Lita - Evolution
    MR-MD Alundra Blayze - Evolution
    MR-MJ Mickie James - Evolution
    MR-NA Natalya - TLC 2018
    MR-NI Nia Jax - TLC 2018
    MR-NJ Nia Jax - Evolution
    MR-NM Naomi - Evolution
    MR-NT Natalya - Evolution
    MR-QA Shayna Baszler - Evolution
    MR-RB Ruby Riott - Evolution
    MR-RO Ronda Rousey - TLC 2018
    MR-RR Ronda Rousey - Evolution
    MR-RU Ruby Riott - TLC 2018
    MR-RY Renee Young - Evolution
    MR-SA Sarah Logan - TLC 2018
    MR-SB Sasha Banks - Evolution
    MR-SD Sonya Deville - Evolution
    MR-SF Trish Stratus - Evolution
    MR-SL Sarah Logan - Evolution
    MR-TA Tamina - TLC 2018
    MR-TM Tamina - Evolution
    MR-TS Toni Storm - Evolution



    Mat Relics Autographs Set Checklist

    11 cards. Serial numbered #/10.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Red 1/1.


    MRA-AS Asuka - TLC 2018
    MRA-BL Becky Lynch - Evolution
    MRA-BY Bayley - Evolution
    MRA-CA Carmella - TLC 2018
    MRA-IS Io Shirai - Evolution
    MRA-KS Kairi Sane - Evolution
    MRA-NA Natalya - TLC 2018
    MRA-NM Naomi - Evolution
    MRA-QA Shayna Baszler - Evolution
    MRA-SD Sonya Deville - Evolution
    MRA-TA Tamina - TLC 2018



    Superstar Shirt Relics Set Checklist

    10 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/99, Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    SR-AB Alexa Bliss - RAW
    SR-AF Alicia Fox - RAW
    SR-AS Asuka - SmackDown
    SR-CM Carmella - SmackDown
    SR-JJ JoJo - RAW
    SR-LE Lacey Evans - RAW
    SR-NM Naomi - RAW
    SR-NT Natalya - RAW
    SR-QA Shayna Baszler - NXT
    SR-SB Sasha Banks - RAW



    Superstar Shirt Relics Autographs Set Checklist

    8 cards. Serial numbered #/10.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Red 1/1.


    SRA-AB Alexa Bliss - RAW
    SRA-CM Carmella - SmackDown
    SRA-LE Lacey Evans - RAW
    SRA-NM Naomi - RAW
    SRA-NT Natalya - RAW
    SRA-QA Shayna Baszler - NXT
    SRA-RY Renee Young - RAW
    SRA-TM Tamina - RAW



    Championship Side Plate Commemorative Patch Checklist

    13 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/99, Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    PC-AB Alexa Bliss - RAW
    PC-AK Asuka - SmackDown
    PC-BL Becky Lynch - SmackDown
    PC-BY Bayley - RAW
    PC-CM Carmella - SmackDown
    PC-EM Ember Moon - NXT
    PC-KS Kairi Sane - NXT
    PC-NJ Nia Jax - RAW
    PC-NM Naomi - SmackDown
    PC-NT Natalya - SmackDown
    PC-QA Shayna Baszler - NXT
    PC-RR Ronda Rousey - RAW
    PC-SB Sasha Banks - RAW



    2019 Topps WWE Women’s Division Insert Checklist


    Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 (2018) Checklist

    25 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    MMC-1 The Monster Eclipse
    MMC-2 Country Dominance
    MMC-3 B'N'B
    MMC-4 Mahalicia
    MMC-5 Team Pawz
    MMC-6 Awe-ska
    MMC-7 Day One Glow
    MMC-8 Ravishing Rusev Day
    MMC-9 The Fabulous Truth
    MMC-10 The Monster Eclipse def. Team Pawz
    MMC-11 Country Dominance def. Mahalicia
    MMC-12 Awe-ska def. The Fabulous Truth
    MMC-13 B'N'B def. Mahalicia
    MMC-14 Robert Roode Replaces Kevin Owens for Team Pawz
    MMC-15 Awe-ska def. Day One Glow
    MMC-16 Monster Eclipse def. Country Dominance
    MMC-17 The Fabulous Truth def. Ravishing Rusev Day
    MMC-18 Curt Hawkins Replaces Braun Strowman for The Monster Eclipse
    MMC-19 Mahalicia def. Ember Moon & Curt Hawkins
    MMC-20 B'N'B def. Country Dominance
    MMC-21 Awe-ska def. Day One Glow
    MMC-22 Apollo Crews Replaces Finn Bálor for B'N'B
    MMC-23 Mahalicia def. Bayley & Apollo Crews
    MMC-24 The Fabulous Truth def. Awe-ska
    MMC-25 The Fabulous Truth Win the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2




    Team Bestie Set Checklist

    20 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    TB-1 Trish Stratus Makes Her Debut 3/19/00
    TB-2 Trish Stratus Wins Her First Women's Championship 11/18/01
    TB-3 Trish Stratus Wins the Hardcore Championship 5/6/02
    TB-4 Trish Stratus Wins the Women's Championship at WrestleMania XIX 3/30/03
    TB-5 Team Bestie Shows The Guys They Can Hang 12/14/03
    TB-6 Trish Stratus Battles Mickie James at WrestleMania 22 4/2/06
    TB-7 Trish Stratus Competes in Her Final Match on Raw 9/11/06
    TB-8 Trish Stratus Retires As a 7-Time Women's Champion 9/17/06
    TB-9 Trish Stratus Returns to Help John Cena 12/22/08
    TB-10 Trish Stratus Is Inducted Into the Hall of Fame 4/6/13
    TB-11 Lita Helps The Hardy Boyz Against Trish Stratus 6/15/00
    TB-12 Lita & The Rock def. Trish Stratus & Triple H 7/31/00
    TB-13 Lita def. Stephanie McMahon for Her First Women's Championship 8/21/00
    TB-14 Team Bestie Teams Up 9/21/03
    TB-15 Lita Competes in the First Women's Cage Match 11/24/03
    TB-16 Lita Loses Her Cool and Unleashes an Attack on Trish Stratus 11/14/04
    TB-17 Lita Wins the Women's Championship in the Raw Main Event 12/6/04
    TB-18 Lita def. Mickie James in a Lumberjill Match for the Women's Championship 11/5/06
    TB-19 Lita Competes in Her Retirement Match Against Mickie James 11/26/06
    TB-20 Lita Is Inducted Into the Hall of Fame 4/5/14




    Women's Evolution 2018 Set Checklist

    10 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    WE-1 Lita Brings Back the Litasault
    WE-2 Alundra Blayze Returns to a WWE Ring After 23 Years
    WE-3 Nia Jax and Tamina Pay Tribute to Roman Reigns
    WE-4 Carmella Has a Dance Break in the Battle Royal
    WE-5 Mandy Rose Eliminates Sonya Deville from the Battle Royal
    WE-6 Toni Storm Wins the 2018 Mae Young Classic
    WE-7 Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya def. The Riott Squad
    WE-8 Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir Attack Kairi Sane
    WE-9 Becky Lynch Performs a Leg Drop from the Top of a Ladder
    WE-10 The Women's Division Celebrates the End of the First WWE All-Women's Event




    Women's Royal Rumble 2019 Set Checklist

    25 cards.
    PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Red 1/1.


    RR-1 Lacey Evans
    RR-2 Natalya
    RR-3 Mandy Rose
    RR-4 Mickie James
    RR-5 Ember Moon
    RR-6 Billie Kay
    RR-7 Nikki Cross
    RR-8 Peyton Royce
    RR-9 Tamina
    RR-10 Kairi Sane
    RR-11 Naomi
    RR-12 Candice LeRae
    RR-13 Alicia Fox
    RR-14 Kacy Catanzaro
    RR-15 Zelina Vega
    RR-16 Ruby Riott
    RR-17 Io Shirai
    RR-18 Sonya Deville
    RR-19 Alexa Bliss
    RR-20 Bayley
    RR-21 Becky Lynch
    RR-22 Nia Jax
    RR-23 Carmella
    RR-24 Maria Kanellis
    RR-25 Xia Li






    For Multi person cards: Any person pulled that is not on the checklist is considered a "dead spot" and will be referred to as unowned. Card will be awarded to breaker that owns a checklist person. 

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