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    Super Break

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  • Description

    In this last name letter break the last name applies to the last name written on the card. For Example:  King Gorge gets awarded to G because it is Part of the last name on the card describing him.

    We have done this and used this format to make things simple when awarding items for this break. Rarely does this rule ever impact the break differently when we have nonfictional people's names in the break,  but we want to share this rule with you so you can be well informed about how this break works.


    Configuration: 6 cards per box.

    - Additional Inserts Include: 1/1 The Bar Cut Autos, 1/1 Parallels, Dual Relic Cards and more!

    Box Contents
    - 3 Base Cards
    - 1 Pieces Relic
    - 1 In The News Relic
    - 1 Additional Relic



    Look for new base cards including Presidents in sports

    Look for Pieces Combo Stamps on our past including: Lennon, Presley, Marley, Sinatra, Hendrix, Chaplin, Garland, Earhart and more. (1 Per Case)

    Look for In the News Cards including Famous people and events 

    Look for new Pieces of the Past Cards including dual Pieces, Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Rockwell, McCarthur, King Louis XIV, Spalding and more.

    Autographs, The Bar 1/1's , Limited inserts and more history randomly inserted



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